Tools & Resources

You can quit. The ASHLine can help.

When you’re ready to quit, it’s important to form a support network that helps you stick with it. A part of your network should be an experienced Quit Coach from the ASHLine. Our coaches live right here in Arizona, and most are former tobacco users.

Quit Coaches have helped thousands of users quit. First, they’ll help you customize a quit plan tailored to your needs. They’ll also offer tips, advice and free nicotine replacement therapies like the patch, gum or lozenges. Best of all, Quit Coaches are here to listen to you, and talk you through the challenges that come up along the way.

The ASHLine and the Quit Coach are available to you at no cost.

Call the ASHLine at 1-800-55-66-222. We’ll set up an appointment for you to talk with a Quit Coach.

The power to quit in the palm of your hand.

The Call It Quits App is another effective resource available absolutely free. You’ll get tips and advice for quitting tobacco at the touch of a button. The Call It Quits app will also help you follow a quit plan, set goals and track your progress. Download the Call It Quits app today.

Anyone can join. Everyone can quit.

Ready to quit tobacco? You don’t have to go it alone. Project Quit is a community of Arizonans who are learning how to live without tobacco. Meet our four quitters to hear real, unscripted stories from Arizonans trying to quit tobacco and read helpful resources. You can also start your own digital quit journal to track your progress, and share it with your friends. All Project Quit resources are available to you for free.

Pledge to Quit

Letting your family and friends know you’re quitting is an important part of the process. Take the Project Quit pledge and, if you’d like, share it on your Facebook profile.

Quitting is rewarding. Find out how much.

Even if you’re only an occasional user, the money you spend on tobacco adds up. The Quitty Bank will give you an idea of how much you could save. What will you do with that extra money?

Giving up helps you save up. How many cigarettes or dips did you avoid today?

You don’t have to quit cold turkey.

People who use Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) and medications to quit tobacco have a better chance of quitting than those who try to quit without them. When you call the ASHLine, your quit coach may be able to provide you with a nicotine replacement therapy.

NRTs include options like nicotine patches, gum, inhaler and lozenges. They help reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Chantix™ and Zyban™ are two prescription medications that aid in tobacco cessation. Please talk to your doctor before using any prescription medications or NRTs.